Online Atlas to the Commercial Fishes of Socotra

أطلس عبر الإنترنت للأسماك التجارية في سقطرى

Zajonz, U., Bogorodsky, S.V., Saeed, F.N., Morris, M., Nasher, K., Aideed, M.S., Al-Jumaily, M., Weiland, C. & Winter, T. (2020). Online Atlas to the Commercial Fishes of Socotra( Version 1.2, 2020/07 ). UNEP-GEF/EPA/SGN “Support to the Integrated Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Socotra Archipelago” (GEF #5347). Senckenberg Society for Nature Research, Frankfurt a.M., Germany. URL: [Date accessed]. (Note: DOI to be determined)

The following fishermen kindly allowed us taping their voices and greatly helped recording and better understanding fish names in the indigenuous Soqotri language: Kamees Abdullah Salem, Haitham Fouad Naseeb Saeed and Raslan Ameen Jumaan Ragab from Hadiboh; Omar Ali Ahmed from Halah; Aqeel Salem Abdullah and Abdullah Aqeel Salem from Areriahan; Omar Hilal Ahmed from Erisel; Abdulazeez Saleh bin Ahmed and Faisal Ahmed Saeed Alghatnani from Ghubbah; and, Hamood Ali Saad and Jumaan Saad Hammodi from Mahfrhin.

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